Geograph Seis Tape

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Item Geograph Seis Tape
Item code
Description Magnetic recordig Tape
Manufacturer Indel-Davis
Donor Aramco
Location HGC
Serial number
Taxonomy IMG5044

SEIS-TAPE There were a variety of analyzer set-ups. The equipment units were configured for a specific site or client. Normally the fourth head (drum) was for paper monitoring on the field unit. A strip paper around the drum and an ink-pen coupled to a galvanometer writing on it. Usually used for QC monitoring or quick look final. The final section Magnetic Tape was sent to a conventional Geo Section Camera for photographing onto film. This looks like the correct SIE FM Magnetic Tape... If it had the correct length and securing tabs. Then it would be Geograph. On analog system prior to Geograph, Each SIE tape was individually packed (in a clear plastic Internally to the Geograph Analyzer Center, colored tape labels were used to indicate stage of Processing. ie. Blue would mean Static Corrections have been applied to the traces on this tape. Red would mean NMO has been applied. White meant Final Filter and scaling applied, ready for camera. However Color Code varied with Client Center.

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