Galvanometer Components

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Item Galvanometer Components In Case
Item code
Manufacturer Electro-Tech Labs
Circa 1950
Donor Electro-Tech Labs
Location Bureau of Economic Geology - The University of Texas at Austin
Serial number
Taxonomy GSH661

Moving Coil Type Galvanometers Features incorporated in the Type C Galvanometer Block include:1. Full vertical adjustment using pencil type elements. 2 Individual off-ground insulation between galvanometer circuits. 3 Damping resistors can be mounted inside block on removable contact strip if desired. 4 Standard Models for 25 trace accommodation but other desired arrangements available on special order. 5 Coil assemblies are carefully balanced both statically and dynamically to permit trouble free operation where shock and vibrations are .present. Barrels of all types are made of rust free metals and before sealing, are evacuated and filled with inert gas. Provision is made at gap for convenient extraction from block without disturbing adjacent elements.