Fairfield Nodal Brochure (Z100)

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Item Fairfield Nodal Brochure (Z100)
Item code
Manufacturer Fairfield
Circa 2010
Donor Dave Reynolds
Location Houston Geoscience Center
Serial number
Taxonomy IMG5084A
A typical towed-streamer survey leaves a hole of many square kilometers around a surface obstruction. Traditional OBC systems are limited by water depth and seafloor conditions, as well as being limited by fixed-group e benefit of every node survey, further assuring effective reservoir management and monitoring. For infill voids. Platforms are often placed in the middle of a field, leaving streamers unable to acquire crucial seismic data. Z3000 can be used to fill in the gap around the infrastructure, or in conjunction with a streamer survey to record streamer and node data simultaneously. The data can be quickly merged into a transparent data set. For deep water gas clouds. These obstructions make it nearly impossible to illuminate the geology with conventional acquisition methods. But since Z3000 units each feature a hydrophone and three geophones, the nodes are inherently multi-component (4C) capable, allowing them to record the converted wave. Z3000 Acquisition Overview 100% smarter seismic acquisition, 98+% data reliability Featuring the industry’s first deep water nodes, Z3000 technology is ideal when exceptional-quality imaging is needed. Though not intended to replace streamer acquisition for large-scale surveys, it has become particularly successful in both deep-water and congested shallow-water areas where cable-free nodes can be easily deployed. Fairfield Nodal pioneered node deployment via remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and was the first to implement dual ROVs for deployment and recovery from a single vessel, along with a proprietary subsea node loading system, for optimum efficiency. Each Z3000 node is self-contained and comes with an exceptionally accurate clock and a new, extended-life lithium-ion battery. A single person can manage up to 1200 nodes, thanks to the specially designed deck-handling system. The nodes are handled automatically, eliminating potentially dangerous, overhead swinging cranes. Today’s challenges are complicated and extensive. Dense infrastructure, rugged terrain, urban areas, salt  obstructions and extreme climates all pose distinct threats to your operational efficiency. Our ZNodal family of cable-free acquisition systems answers the call for enhanced seismic data even in these difficult environments. The unique advantages of our true cable-free seismic data acquisition nodes are undeniable: they save time; they save money and they produce reliable, high-quality seismic data. And no one has more experience with nodal technology than Fairfield Nodal. We design and manufacture these systems to meet our high standards, and yours. We’ve also proven these advanced systems for clients all over the world. Land Featuring the industry’s only true cable-free nodes, ZLand, now available in a 3C version, allows you to work faster and acquire more data for less, with or without arrays, anywhere on earth. Marine In shallow waters or deep, heavily congested or highly obstructed, our ZMarine systems help you safely and efficiently get the data you need. Fairfield Fleet Technically advanced fleet, highly trained acquisition crews  Fairfield Nodal operates a purpose-built fleet that allows our crews to work safely and efficiently around the many obstacles typically encountered in shallow water.