Eotvos Memento 1985 EAGE

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Item Eotvos Memento 1985 EAGE
Item code
Description EAEG 1985
Manufacturer Budapest, ELGI
Circa 1985
Donor Gordon Greve
Location Houston Geoscience Center
Serial number
Taxonomy GSH892

A memorial medallion given at the Budapest E.A.E.G. Commemorating Eötvös Loránd 1848 – 1919. The achievement of Eötvös in the use of his instrument are threefold. By developing the complete theory of the Eötvös balance, he was able to push its sensitivity to such a point that it took decades to devise methods for exceeding his precision. It is only proper to mention that the high degree of precision he achieved was not due solely to the design of the instrument but depended also on the unparalleled skill he displayed in using it. The other two accomplishments encompassed the clear recognition of the very important applications of the balance: geophysical exploration and the equivalence of gravitational and inertial mass. In both cases the recognition was followed by intense work proving his insight