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Elwin Peacock
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Membership Life Member

Biography for candidacy for SEG Secretary Treasurer

Elwin M. Peacock, candidate for Secretary Treasurer, graduated from the University of Colorado in 1949 with a bachelor's degree in geology.

On graduation he joined Sohio Petroleum Company as a geophysical trainee on gravity and seismic crews. He subsequently advanced through the positions of geophysicist and party chief in the Gulf Coast to district geophysicist in West Texas and later to district geophysicist and staff assistant to the general manager in Oklahoma City. While in Oklahoma City, he served as secretary and first vice-president of the Oklahoma City Geophysical Society and was president-elect at the time of his transfer to Houston in 1962.

Mr. Peacock joined Signal Oil and Gas Company in 1962 where he was Gulf Coast Division geophysicist until joining Seismic Computing Corp. in 1967 as vice-president. At Seiscom he served at various times as manager of marketing, proprietary surveys, and data processing. In November, 1972, he and three other former Sohio associates formed a consulting firm in Houston, Exploration Associates International, to do interpretation and supervision of geophysical programs worldwide.

Peacock has been active in the Geophysical Society of Houston, having served as treasurer in 1967-68, as president in 1970-71, and as district representative since 1970. From 1966 to 1969, he was a member of the Committee for the Future Direction of the SEG and served on SEG convention committee assignments in Houston and Oklahoma City.

In addition to being a member of SEG since 1949, he is an active member of EAEG, AAPG, Houston Geological Society and is a certified Petroleum Geologist. His membershp in SIPES is pending.