Elastic Earth Model Subset – 2D

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Elastic Earth Model Subset – 2D

Five earth models were generated in SEAM Phase I to simulate a realistic earth model of a salt canopy region of the Gulf of Mexico complete with fine-scale stratigraphy that includes oil and gas reservoirs. The model represents a 35 km EW x 40 km NS area and 15 km deep. The grid interval for the Elastic Earth model is 20 m x 20 m x 10 m (x,y,z). All model properties are derived from fundamental rock properties including v-shale (volume of shale) and porosities for sand and shale that follow typical compaction gradients below water bottom. Hence, properties have subtle contrasts at macro-layer boundaries, especially in the shallow section, generating very realistic synthetic data.

The Elastic Earth Model distribution is the model used for simulation of the SEAM Phase I RPSEA elastic data set. For the simulations, the minimum S-wave velocity was set at 600 m/s by compressing all S-wave velocities in the originally designed model having velocities between 100 and 800 m/s into a range between 600 and 800 m/s. This distribution has 3 binary files, one each for the density, P-wave velocity and the S-wave velocity. A README is also included.

This model 2D sub-set is 35KM in the east-west direction at North 23900 m. It is designed to be used with data sets:

  • Elastic 2DEW Classic
  • Elastic VSP – 2D Walk-Away

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