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Edith Miller
Edith Miller headshot 2016.png
PhD university Delft University

SEG Life Membership 2016 [1]

Edith Miller exhibited great leadership, judgment, and dedication during her three years on the SEG Board of Directors. She is a deserving recipient of Life Membership.

Biography Citation for SEG Life Membership 2016

By Maria Angela Capello, Eve Sprunt, and Don Steeples

Edith van Veldhuizen Miller is a wonderful role model for how a young member can have a large impact on SEG in the first 10 years of a career. Edith received a master's degree in applied physics in 2002, and a PhD cum laude in geophysics in 2006 from Delft University of Technology (as Edith van Veldhuizen), where she was a member of the Delphi consortium. She has been published in Geophysics and presented numerous papers at SEG and EAGE conventions. She joined SEG as a student in 2002 when she began her geophysical studies.

She has 10 years of industry experience and has worked on oil and gas assets worldwide, including deepwater Gulf of Mexico and the Australian North West Shelf. Her areas of expertise include seismic processing and imaging, seismic acquisition technologies (offshore and onshore), and earth modeling. She has worked for Chevron since 2006 in exploration, R&D, and technical services roles in the United States and Australia. Currently, she works in Houston as a project manager and specialist in seismic-imaging technology deployment.

Right at the beginning of her career, Edith began taking on leadership roles in SEG. From 2006 to 2012, she was a special editor on the Geophysics Editorial Board; from 2007 to 2011, she was a peer reviewer of technical papers for Geophysics; and from 2008 to 2013, she was a peer reviewer of conference abstracts for the SEG Annual Meeting.

With a passion for membership matters and strengthening the inclusiveness of the SEG community, the scope of Edith’s engagement soon expanded. She served as chair of the Continuing Education Committee from 2010 to 2012. In 2010, Edith served on Women’s Network Task Force and became a founding member of the Women’s Network Committee (WNC) when it was created in 2011, including serving as the committee’s board liaison after she was elected to the SEG Board of Directors. She led the WNC initiative to create the Outstanding Educator’s Award, authoring the successful proposal.

Tom Agnew, SEG associate executive director, programs, shared his experience of working with Edith. “I cannot say enough good things about Edith. Not only was she a strong leader, but she was a pleasure to work with. I know she made my job more fun, but she also blended new ideas in to the committee while at the same time respecting members who had served for many years.”

In particular, Tom shared that in her two years as chair of the Continuing Education Committee beginning in 2010, “Edith was able to infuse the committee with a richer diversity of members, including early career. At the same time, she worked with seasoned professionals to streamline SEG procedures for course selection and other issues, bringing in new courses to the SEG curriculum that helped SEG set attendance records for the Society at continuing education events. Edith handled all of her duties with professionalism and tenaciousness, helping create an excitement about the professional development of SEG members.”

As a member of the SEG Board of Directors from 2012–20015, Edith took on some of the most demanding and time-consuming roles. She served for three years on the Audit Committee, including as the chair.

Although Edith is only 10 years into her career, there isn’t room to list all of her service to SEG. She continues as a member of both the Bylaws and Membership Committees. Also, Edith is the 2016–2017 Treasurer on the Geophysical Society of Houston (GSH) Board of Directors. As a shining young superstar, Edith is an incredible example of how someone can have a big impact early in her career.


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