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Company Profile

Eagle Exploration, Inc. specializes in providing geophysical services to the oil & gas industry. With 25 plus years of experience in the industry, Eagle Exploration, Inc. has the skills, knowledge, equipment & corporate networking capabilities to provide you with the geophysical services that you desire throughout the United States. Eagle Exploration, Inc. uses our knowledge and years of experience in the seismic industry to minimize our impact on the environment when providing our services. By using zero footprint track vehicles, man-portable drills and other small equipment we can complete projects that are friendly to both the land owners and the environment. Eagle Exploration, Inc. is equipped with on and off road vibrators ranging from 32,000 to 50,000 lb machines. Eagle utilizes the Sigma wireless recording system from iSeis. This has proven to be a reliable, efficient system. Eagle Exploration, Inc. is experienced in the rocky mountain, gulf coast, mid-con and eastern regions of the U.S.A. Services

Eagle Exploration, Inc. offers low impact geophysical shot hole drilling to help reduce the environmental impact of our operations. We utilize zero footprint track vehicles, heli-portable drills and other drilling equipment in different weights & sizes that can be used in various terrain & drilling conditions.    Our services include:

  •   Drilling (Conventional & Stakeless)
  •   Man Portable Drills
  •   Acquisition with iSeis Sigma Recorder
  •   Air / Water Combination
  •   Zero Footprint Track Vehicles
  •   Hole Plugging
  •   Powdermen
  •   Explosives
  •   2-D & 3-D

  Eagle Exploration, Inc. has the following permits & licenses:

  •   ATF Explosives License
  •   DOT Licensed

Eagle Exploration, Inc. 4287 S M-37 P.O. Box 89, Grawn, MI 49637 (800) 473-0420 [email protected]

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