E. R. Tegland

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E. R. Tegland
E. R. Tegland headshot.png
BSc Geological engineering
MSc Petroleum Engineering
BSc university South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
MSc university University of Missouri

M. R. Bone, B. F. Giles, and E. R. Tegland received the 1983 SEG Best Paper in Geophysics Award for their paper Analysis of seismic data using horizontal cross-sections.[1]

Biography 1983[2]

E. R. Tegland received a B.S. in geological engineering in 1959 from the S.D. School of Mines and an M.S. in Petroleum Engineering from the Univ. of Missouri at Rolla in 1961. Following two years of military service he was employed by Geophysical Service Inc. from 1963 until 1977, where he held various positions. He was a senior area geophysicist in Dallas at the time that he left. From late 1977 until mid-1980 he was employed as a special studies geophysicist with Deminex in Essen, West Germany. Since mid-1980 he has been directory of research for Denver Processing Center.

He received the A.I. Levorsen Award in 1970, SEG's Best Presentation Award in 1974, and was named a TI Fellow in 1976.

He is a member of SEG, EAEG, CSEG, SPE and AIME.


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