Digital Module DDSS 249

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Item Digital Module DDSS 249
Item code
Description 4 Seismic, 4 Aux channels
Manufacturer Digicon
Circa 1982
Donor Digicon
Location North Harris College
Serial number
Taxonomy GSH569

Represents current state of the art in seismic instrumentation. This system, designed, developed and manufactured by Digicon Geophysical -Corp., employs a Digital Module as seen here for each four (4) groups of hydrophones (detectors). The Module contains four identical seismic channel cards, each comprised of amplifier, low-cut and high-cut filters, 15 bit Analog to Digital converter and output logic. A fifth electronic board contains logic, power supply and transmission circuits: This' system can accommodate up to 240 'channels or groups of hydrophones in streamer cables up to 3600 meters (2.25 miles) in length. The digital signals output by the Modules are transmitted through the streamer to a shipboard computer for recording.