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FIG. T-5. 3D data cube obtained from a set of closely spaced north-south lines. (a) Isometric diagram of the volume these traces occupy. The easternmost north-south section is shown along with the southernmost east-west section made from the southernmost traces on each north-south line. (b) The data set with the topmost portion removed; the top now constitutes a time slice. (c) The data sliced along one reflection constitutes a horizon slice. (d) An arbitrary line cuts through the data volume, perhaps to connect well locations. (e) A fault slice runs parallel to a fault but displaced a small distance from it[1].

A display of the seismic measurements (usually amplitude) corresponding to a single arrival time (or single depth) for a grid of data points; a horizontal slice or section through a volume of 3D data. Also called a Seiscrop section or horizontal section. Compare horizon slice. See Figures T-5, T-9, and A-16.

FIG. A-16. Arbitrary line. (a) A time slice through a migrated 3D seismic volume using different colors to indicate positive and negative reflectivities and color intensity to indicate magnitude. (b) Vertical sections connecting well locations is an arbitrary line. Arbitrary lines often consist of several connected straight-line segments. (Courtesy Prakla-Seismos AG.)
FIG. T-9. Time slices. The area is 3.6×8.0 km; (a) through (g): time slices for t=1.580 to 1.604 s at 4 ms intervals; (h) time-contour map made by tracing one contour from each of the preceding time slices, starting with the outside of the central area on map (a). (Courtesy Haliburton Geosciences.)


  1. Sheriff, R. E; Geldart, L. P (August 1995). Exploration Seismology, 2nd Ed. Cambridge Univ. Press. p. 459. ISBN 9780521468268.

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