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FIG. M-17. Moveable-oil plot. (Courtesy Schlumberger.)

A well log calculated from other logs on which three porosity curves are plotted: "total" porosity File:Fgr.gift, such as is derived from the sonic log; "apparent water-filled" porosity File:Fgr.gifw, derived from a deep-investigation resistivity device such as the laterolog; and "apparent water-filled porosity of the flushed zone" File:Fgr.gifxo, derived from a shallow investigation resistivity device such as the microlaterolog.

The separation between the first two curves indicates the volume fraction of hydrocarbons in the noninvaded zone and the separation between the last two curves indicates the volume fraction of movable oil. The remainder represents residual hydrocarbons left in the invaded zone. See Figure M-17.

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