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{{#category_index:T|Instantaneous Quality Factor}} The instantaneous quality (Q) factor is a seismic attribute and is the ratio of instantaneous frequency to twice the instantaneous bandwidth.This Q computation is the short wavelength variation of the Q value, therefore, it gives relative values. [1]

Where is the instantaneous decay rate, which is defined as the first derivative of the trace envelope divided by the trace envelope envelop providing an expression:

Where is the instantaneous frequency while is the trace envelope and is the first derivative of the trace envelope.It is also a physical attribute with a strong relation to porosity, permeability, and fracture.

  • Indicates local variation of Q factor, similar to the relative acoustic impedance computation from the seismic trace. Longer wavelength variation should be computed by spectral division and added to this attribute.
  • May indicate liquid content by rationing pressure versus shear wave section Q factors.
  • Indicates relative absorption characteristics of beds.
  • It is a transmissive attribute; its various wavelength components should be estimated in a similar way to the average velocity and velocity inversion procedures.


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