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FIG. Z-1. Solutions of the Zoeppritz equations. (a) Energy fractions of reflected P-waves RP, reflected S-waves RS, transmitted P-waves TP, and transmitted S-waves TS for a P-wave velocity ratio of 0.5, density ratio 0.8, Poisson's ratio of 0.3 in the upper medium and 0.25 in the lower. (b) Similar to (a) except for P-wave velocity ratio of 2.0 and density ratio of 0.5. (c) Energy fraction for reflected P-waves as a function of P-wave velocity ratio; no density contrast and Poisson's ratios are 0.25. (From Denham and Palmeira, 1984.) (d) Energy fractions for reflected P-waves as a function of density ratio; P-wave velocity contrast 1.5, Poisson's ratio 0.25. (From Tooley et al., 1965.)