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{{#category_index:E|eccentricity}} (ek, sen tris’ ∂ t∂) 1. The ratio of the focus-to-center distance to the length of the semimajor axis for an ellipse;

FIG. E-12. Ellipse terminology. An ellipse is the locus of points for which the sum of the distances from the two foci is constant. A satellite follows an elliptical path about a body at one focus. If a = semimajor axis, b = semiminor axis, eccentricity ; ellipticity ; flattening ; and = eccentric anomaly when satellite is at S. The polar equation of an ellipse with one focus at the origin is ; where h = distance from the focus to a directrix line.

2. The condition occurring when the source is not located at (or perpendicularly offset to) the center of what is intended to be a split spread. This occurs on marine records when a separate source boat is employed.

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