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FIG. B-6. Borehole televiewer. (a) Schematic of a sonde in the borehole. (b) Schematic appearance of two plane fractures, one with steep south dip and one with gentle west dip, as shown in (c). (From Zemanek et al., 1970, 255 and 257.)

A well log wherein a pulsed, narrow acoustic (sonar) beam scans the borehole wall in a tight helix as the tool moves up the borehole. The traveltime and amplitude provide information about the borehole wall. Analog or digital data can be presented in a variety of ways to reveal fractures, vugs, etc. (see Figure B-6). BHTV is a Mobil Oil trade name. See Zemanek et al. (1970)[1] and compare borehole imaging and Figure I-1.

FIG. I-1. Image logs involve measurements at various azimuths in a borehole to determine dip and fracturing. The far left track shows dip tadpoles, the next track the relative azimuths of dipping features, and the following three sets of images are looking in different directions in the borehole. (Courtesy Kurt Strack). See also Fig. B-6.



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