Detector Underwater (large brass case)

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Item Detector Underwater (large brass case)
Item code
Description Condenser Plate
Manufacturer Petty Geophysical
Circa 1930
Donor Petty Geophysical
Location Bureau of Economic Geology - The University of Texas at Austin
Serial number
Taxonomy GSH283

Submersible refraction detectors were made for a special purpose to be pushed deep into river silt in the beds of big rivers in Venezuela. Heavy chains were attached and detectors were winched out. None were lost (one was stolen). They proved useful in shooting other areas, among them Gulf Coast and Delaware Basin in West Texas for Humble in 1930, (1929) The principal on which this detector was constructed was exactly like the detector shown as exhibit 8, the only difference being in the shape of the case and internal parts. It was waterproof which gave it an advantage over No.8 if it needed to be submerged. Flat bottoms instead of points were furnished for dry land shooting. Its case was brass.