Detector Pre Amp Battery

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Item Detector Pre Amp Battery Incl.
Item code
Description Tube type Amp
Manufacturer Petty Geophysical
Circa 1931
Donor Petty Collection
Location The University of Texas at Austin
Serial number 1931
Taxonomy GSHP018

Combination reflection-refraction detector. It is the most sensitive seismic detector ever made. This device was used in the discovery of Pledger gas field after it was missed by practically every oil company, and no other seismic crew was able to check it before the well came in. The electronic circuit, including pre-amplifier and batteries, was used as the steady mass. The period was field adjustable from one second up for either reflection or refraction shooting. (1931) This particular ten string galvanometer was the subject of a patent interference action between Petty and another contractor and was ordered held in bond by the patent office for use at the interference trial, which was eventually won by Petty.