Detector Condenser Type and Dwg

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Item Detector Condenser Type and Dwg
Item code
Description Refract/Reflect
Manufacturer Petty Geophysical
Circa 1933
Donor Petty Collection
Location The University of Texas at Austin
Serial number
Taxonomy GSHP019

Reflection-refraction seismic detectors. This was Petty's work horse for years and discovered, at least for Petty, more hard-to-find oil fields than any other instrument (e.g. the Charenton Field, Louisiana). Its characteristics approach the ideal. (1933) This was, in my opinion, the finest seismic detector ever made. This type was used for many years by Petty crews all over the world. The crews that discovered the first commercial oil production in England and India, for example, used these detectors. The natural period of the steady mass was adjustable through a wide range as was the damping and the sensitivity. The vacuum tube, used in the oscillating circuit was wrapped in lead and suspended in the rubber sponge to shield it from ground shock when sitting close to the shot point in reflection shooting. This unit was made obsolete when the use of multiple detectors came into vogue. The patent for this detector is presented in Appendix B for the benefit of those wishing a better understanding of its operation.