Detector Condenser Plate Refraction

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Item Detector Condenser Plate Refraction
Item code
Manufacturer Petty Geophysical
Circa 1930
Donor Petty Collection
Location The University of Texas at Austin
Serial number
Taxonomy GSHP017

Condenser plate refraction detector. The steady mass, centered by use of diaphragms, is magnetically suspended and has a period approaching infinity. Sensitivity of the unit is more than was needed, and the horizontal component is practically screened out. Damping is field adjustable in practically any amount. (1930) Exhibit 17 was the most novel and complicated detector that Petty ever built. Its outside diameter was only 3-1/4 inches and the length of the brass tube, without spike base and top, was only 8-1/4 inches. It was not very popular with the field crews because it had to be returned to the, laboratory for servicing. Only one set was ever made.