Daniel Rothman

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Daniel Rothman
File:Daniel H. Rothman headshot.png
Latest company Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Membership SEG, EAEG, and AGU
BSc Applied Mathematics (AB)
PhD Geophysics
BSc university Brown University
PhD university Stanford University

Daniel H. Rothman received the 1986 SEG Best Paper in Geophysics Award for his paper Automatic estimation of large residual statics corrections.[1]


Daniel Rothman received an A.B. in applied mathematics from Brown University in 1979. From 1979 to 1981 he was a research geophysicist for Western Geophysical Co. in Houston and London, working on the design and evaluation of various seismic data processing algorithms. He received his Ph.D. in geophysics from Stanford University in 1986, where he was a member of the Stanford Exploration project.

After earning his Ph.D., Rothman joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology faculty. He is now a professor of geophysics. In 2011, Rothman and his colleague Kerry Emanuel co-founded MIT’s Lorenz Center, a privately funded interdisciplinary research center devoted to learning how climate works.[2]

His research interests include inverse theory, stochastic modeling, and seismic data processing. He is a member of SEG, EAEG, and AGU.[3]


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