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Clyde Ringstad
Latest company Apollo Geophysics
BSc university University of Washington
MSc university Portland State University

Clyde A. Ringstad was a geophysicist and a member of SEG and AEG. He passed away in 2016. He formed Geo-Recon International in 1979 and Apollo Geophysics in 1996. He continued consulting with Apollo until 2010.


It is with great sadness I report the passing of Clyde A. Ringstad in December.[1] Clyde was a member of SEG and AEG. He graduated from the University of Washington and did post-graduate studies at Portland State University. Clyde started his career as a geologist with the Washington State Highway Department. He began working in engineering geophysics in Shannon and Wilson, Inc.’s Seattle office. He left Shannon and Wilson with other members of the geophysics group to form Geo-Recon International in 1979. In 1996 Clyde left Geo-Recon and formed Apollo Geophysics with his son Matthew. He worked with Apollo until retiring in 1998, continuing consulting with Apollo until 2010. Clyde taught several geophysics class at Colorado School of Mines in the 1970’s and following his retirement he also worked with Tulane University teaching online classes in electrical resistivity.

Clyde’s work encompassed geologic and geophysical studies including marine and terrestrial engineering and environmental geophysics, water resource studies and mining geophysics. His work took him to locations in North and South America, Asia and Europe. He was always direct and helpful to clients relative to the potential for geophysics to help their particular problem and loved the challenge of applying geophysical methods to geologic problems.

Clyde was an active outdoors person who enjoyed time with his family. He was head of the Mountaineer Players 300 Acres in Kitsap for a number of years where his family was part of the annual Mountaineer Players outdoor play and also a member of the Sierra Club. Following retirement Clyde stayed active and enjoyed travelling and volunteering for working holidays, particularly work camping projects in Oregon, Big Sur California and Moab Utah with his wife Timi. He is survived by Timi, his wife of 50 years, his son Matthew Ringstad and family in Bellingham, Washington and his daughter, Mary Kay Benton and family in Houston, Texas.

In closing, an example of the impact Clyde had on the profession and friends, taken from a personal email from Dr. Richard Carlson of Texas A & M University to Timi Ringstad:

I struggle for words, but I have a couple of thoughts to share. One is the following; I have taught a course on geophysical methods for most of 40 years - for the last time last fall term. As part of the course I covered the method of differences, which I learned from Clyde in the summer of '69. I have thought of him every time I taught it, and I have often told my students how exciting it was to learn it in the field. In that sense Clyde has been hanging around with me - or I with him - for nearly 50 years.


  1. Ron Free. Personal correspondence.

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