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Christine Krohn
Chris Krohn headshot 2016.png
Membership Life
PhD Physics
PhD university UT Austin

SEG Life Membership 2016 [1]

Christine Krohn is awarded Life Membership in honor of her many years of service on the SEG Research Committee and for being a thoughtful and energetic force on the SEG Board of Directors for three years.

Biography Citation for SEG Life Membership 2016

By Partha Routh

Christine (Chris) Krohn obtained her BS in physics from Emory University and PhD in experimental solid-state physics from the University of Texas at Austin as a National Science Foundation Fellow. Soon after graduate school, she transitioned from experimental physics to geophysics, and joined ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company (formerly Exxon Production Research) in 1979, where she carried out many assignments until her retirement in 2016.

Chris is a recognized expert in multiple geophysical methods with significant contribution in the area of seismic acquisition and design. It is most appropriate for SEG to recognize Chris with Life Membership for her exceptional volunteer services and contributions to the geophysical profession. Chris has served SEG by striving to empower broad participation by all of its members. As a director at large on the SEG Board, Chris proposed a new mission statement focused, not just on the science and technology, but also on the greater geophysical community — the people of geophysics. As part of her efforts, a young professional committee was initiated and several items related to the strategic priority of “Connecting and inspiring early-career and global geophysicists” were approved. She also was instrumental in forming the new Continuing Innovation Portfolio (CIP) Committee with the mission of ranking a portfolio of competing proposed new SEG programs and making recommendations to the Board during budgeting and planning.

She continues to significantly support workshop activities and the SEG Global Events Operations Department, where she helped to develop a set of guidelines for workshop organization committees that will facilitate workshop organization by more groups, from more places, and for broader audiences. Previous to her election to the SEG Board, Chris served as chair and vice chair of the SEG Research Committee. During her two-year tenure as chair, the Research Committee organized six summer research workshops and 20 postconvention workshops, recruited students, and started new initiatives such as hot topics identification and interest groups. She herself has organized more than three summer research workshops including one in Turkey and more than five postconvention workshops, including the first one organized by and for the students.

As chair of the SEG Research Committee, she led it to involve more students, refocus workshops, and develop new initiatives and interest groups. Chris also has made extensive technical contributions in a number of different areas. She is a recognized expert in acquisition (simultaneous sourcing, vibroseis, and geophone ground coupling), near-surface geophysics (surface waves, first-arrival tomography), borehole geophysics (cross well, 3D VSP), and rock physics. Her more than 35-year geophysics career at ExxonMobil is reflected in more than 16 journal articles, 25 convention presentations, and 18 patent applications. It is inspiring to see that Chris’s volunteerism to professional societies is now recognized by her well-deserved SEG Life Membership Award.


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