Cameron Wason

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Cameron Wason
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Cameron B. (Cam) Wason (d.1993)

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Cameron B. (Cam) Wason died 9 November 1993 at age 58 after an extended illness. Cam spent most of his career with Texas Instruments, Geophysical Service Inc. and its successor Halliburton Geophysical Services. He was research director of HGS at the time of his retirement in 1991. He then became a consultant in his native Queensland, Australia.

Cam lived a full, balanced, multidimensional life. Matters that were important to him were his family, religion, and his professionally related activities. His interests involved a wonderful combination of humane concerns and creative scientific pursuits. Cam was always deeply religious and had a strong commitment to the Catholic faith. As in his scientific pursuits, he brought a remarkable range of insights and brilliant perspectives to this subject. Religion remained a major passion throughout his life. Foremost among Cam's priorities was his family. He was devoted to his wife, Sue, and their three children, Andrew, Jane, and Ann. They survive him along with one grandson, Jordan. Cam liked to sail and he was good at it. He, his family, and friends could be found on many weekends sailing at Lake Ray Hubbard near Dallas—that is, on those weekends when he wasn't traveling.

Cam had one of the most creative and wide-ranging minds that I've ever encountered. He was not only creative himself, but was able to bring out creativity in others. Although illness truncated his career at the peak of his capability, his professional life was highly productive. He spent six years as a senior engineer in the Equipment Group of Texas Instruments and then 18 years with GSI/HGS. In each assignment, he emerged as a leader who was widely respected and admired by peers and subordinates. TI recognized his talents and contributions by electing him a TI Senior Fellow in 1981. To meet the requirements For this position, an individual had to have clearly extended the state-of-the-art in a field, to have made sustained, wide ranging, and crucial contributions to TI programs, and to have been recognized outside TI for technical ability.

In addition to these achievements, Cam was very active in the worldwide geophysical community. He participated in numerous industry forums, committees, and related functions. He published many papers in professional journals and was granted several patents, both in electronic and seismic technologies.

Although he gained widespread recognition in geophysics, it was not Cam's first interest. He was a brilliant mathematician and first studied general relativity. He later moved into electrical engineering where job prospects seemed somewhat brighter. With this background, most of it focusing around signal processing,

Cam's technical prowess didn't end with these somewhat recondite, scientific pursuits. No subject was too small to consider. He was equally adept at more pedestrian tasks such as fixing home air conditioners or car motors or even repairing roofs. He accepted life as it came-accepted with calm courage the physical limitations imposed by his illness. but never accepted the illness as a debilitating barrier preventing him from doing what he could and wanted to do...a remarkable attitude given the state of affairs. After his first operation and in between chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Cam made himself available for visits from friends and for consultation on ongoing research projects. Surprisingly, he kept a file in his home on every active research project and assiduously followed the progress of each. During these visits, he continued to propose new concepts and to dispense advise about specific issues. In effect, he continued to run the research department from his house, and he was able to do this by working on his good days. During this time period, he submitted two more patent applications. Both have now been issued.

Cam never gave up and continued a consulting career out of his home in Australia. It gives us some solace to know that he lived a very productive life until his last few days. Cam's influence lives on through the lives of his family and his many friends and associates who were so greatly inspired by his personal qualities and leadership, and through his many contributions to science and technology. What good fortune we've had to know such an individual.


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