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Bernard Robinson
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President year 1970

W. Bernard Robinson a pioneering geophysicist, was the 1970-1971 SEG President.

Biography for SEG President Elect Candidacy

Geophysics, Vol. 35, No.2, April 1970

W. Bernard Robinson, candidate for President, received the degree of B.S. in E.E. from the University of Nebraska in 1930. From 1930 to 1933, he was employed by Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company in Pittsburgh. From 1933 through 1937, he did seismograph interpretation on various Gulf crews in the U.S. Midcontinent region and Venezuela. In 1938, he returned to Gulf Research and Development Company laboratories in Harmaville, Pennsylvania, to do seismic interpretation and supervision. From 1952 to the present time, he has been in Tulsa and Oklahoma City as geophysical supervisor for Gulf.

While in Pittsburgh, Mr. Robinson assisted in the organization of the Pittsburgh Geological Society and served a term in each office of the Society, being president in 1951. Since moving to Oklahoma City in 1955, he has been active in the local section, serving as president, district representative, and was recently made an Honorary Lifetime Member. Mr. Robinson served as general chairman for the 37th Annual International SEG meeting held in Oklahoma City. He served as First Vice President of SEG during the 1968-1969 term.

His published articles include "Refracted Waves Reflected From a Fault Zone," 1945; "The Need for Seismic Dip Migration", 1957; and "Presentation of Velocity Mistie", 1959. In 1957 he moderated a symposium on the migration of seismic data conducted in Oklahoma City, and in 1957-1958, he headed the Oklahoma City Moonwatch team that compiled time and location data on the Russian Sputnik satellite.

In addition to the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, Mr. Robinson is a member of the Oklahoma City Geophysical Society, the Oklahoma City Geological Society, and AAPG.

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