Avinash Mohapatra

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Avinash Mohapatra
Avinash Mohapatra at Guadalupe
Latest company Jefferies LLC
BSc Chemical Engineering
MSc Petroleum Engineering
BSc university National Institute of Technology, Rourkela
MSc university University of Oklahoma, Norman

Avinash Mohapatra is a Vice President, Petrophysicist in Energy group at Jefferies LLC.


Avinash Mohapatra received a Bachelors (2008) in Chemical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela. After working for a year as a process Engineer at Reliance Industries Limited, India, in 2009 he began his Masters at the University of Oklahoma. There he did his research in Seismic signature in CO2 sequestration in various sedimentary rocks that was part of the Experimental Rock Physics consortium led by Chandra S. Rai and Dr. Carl H. Sondergeld. His research developed emperical correlations established at the laboratory scale by flooding CO2. This study was applied to well data and later to 4D seismic data for quantification of CO2 in the field. He received his Masters in Petroleum in the summer of 2012.

Mohapatra joined a Plano based consultancy firm PetroTel Inc.[1] where he assisted many US and International clients in Formation Evaluation, Log analysis and Volumetrics. His responsibilities included providing solutions to clients in well log interpretation, formation evaluation and recommending completion targets. Mohapatra is currently at Jefferies LLC[2] as a VP Petrophysicist in the Technical Energy group. His research interests include Formation evaluation, Integrated Petrophysical Evaluation, Acreage Evaluation and Business Development.[3][4]


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