Aubra Tilley

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Aubra Tilley
Aubra E. Tilley headshot.jpg
Latest company Input/Output

Aubra E. Tilley received his B.S. in electrical engineering in 1947. Tilley served as an officer in the U.S. Army Ordinance Department during World War II. After graduation, Tilley worked with Phillips Petroleum Research Group, North American Aviation and Chevron. In 1950, he joined North American Aviation, where he was in charge of the design and development of the auto pilot system for the F86 airplane. Later, he headed up the electronic development for North American’s first supersonic missile. In 1952, he was hired as chief engineer for Chevron’s Exploration Production Research facility, and was later transferred to Houston to head up the seismic data field operations for the company. In 1967, he started his own company, Input/Output, designing and manufacturing seismic data instrumentation equipment, where he holds the title of chairman emeritus.

Cecil Green Enterprise Award 2001

Aubra Tilley was awarded the Cecil Green Enterprise Award by the SEG in recognition of his success as founder of his company Input/Output, which supplied components for geophysical instrumentation to geophysical hardware manufactures.