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The 2013 International Exhibition and 83rd Annual Meeting will be held at the George R Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX.

Come and try SEG Wiki

A few wiki enthusiasts are planning to hold some informal come and try it events to introduce people to the wiki. We plan to meet in the press room and:


  • About wiki's - how to edit, write links, equations, insert images, create new pages
  • and learn the content we are adding


  • new content


  • get to know some other like minded geophysicists

Some things we could do at such events are listed below. This list, or one like it, could even go on the main page of the wiki, as a provocation to edit.

  • Start a stub for one of the wanted pages
  • Improve a definition or fix some math in Sheriff's Dictionary
  • Update your user page
  • Tidy up or add to Biographies. Pick a favorite from the list of SEG past presidents and SEG award winners, get the material from the move material from the SEG Virtual Museum, do a additional investigation and improve the content. Edit an existing biography and change his university, his company, and his colleagues to links, then they will appear in the wanted pages wiki page.
  • Start a new page on a subject you have some knowledge in, or use open content at Wikipedia:Wikipedia or SubSurfWiki as a seed

Want to learn a little about editting a wiki. Here are two 8 minute videos. I learned enough on the first one to get started.

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