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Ananda Pramanik
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Ananda Pramanik has played a key leadership role in the advancement of SEG global membership for any geophysicist regardless of income or geographic location. He has been a tireless advocate of geophysics to students and professionals alike and has been a key leader on the Global Affairs Committee. He has fostered collaboration with several other geophysical societies throughout the Far East to support technical meetings and provide opportunities for geophysicists to meet.

He has led and hosted several SEG-sponsored meetings in India and chaired technical luncheons at the SEG Annual Meeting. Anyone who has had the honor and pleasure of meeting Ananda Pramanik quickly notes the respect and honor he extends to those who are part of a global SEG.

Biography Citation for SEG Life Membership

Contributed by Sandeep K. Chandola

Ananda Gopal Pramanik is well recognized as a pioneer geophysicist and excellent manager. He was born on 21 February 1943 and obtained a master’s degree in applied geophysics (with distinction) in 1965 from the Indian School of Mines. He joined the select band of geoscientists in ONGC, the national oil company of India, during its formative years. Since then, he has accelerated hydrocarbon exploration in India through meticulous planning and implementation of seismic surveys in various sedimentary basins. In 1986, the first 3D seismic campaign in the country was acquired under his supervision and the first VSP crew was mobilized. The first long-offset transient electromagnetic (LOTEM) survey in Saurashtra Peninsula, carried out under his supervision, provided a lead for Mesozoic exploration in India. His innovative efforts resulted in the implementation of the “stack array” technique for the first time in the Himalayan foothills, and Vindhyan and South Rewa basins.

Modernization has been his forte and has led to new software for coherency, dip and azimuth transformation, etc. As the head of ONGC’s prestigious Geodata Processing and Interpretation Centre (GEOPIC), he established a state-ofthe- art RISC-based parallel computing system for depth processing, modeling, and inversion. He also introduced telemetry recording units with 24-bit deltasigma technology in ONGC in 1996. This greatly enhanced the data acquisition capability of our seismic crews in logistically difficult and geologically complex areas.

After the creation of ONGC’s Corporate Rejuvenating Campaign (CRC) in 2001, he was the natural choice for chief, Geophysical Services, due to his vast knowledge and leadership qualities. There, at the pinnacle of his career, he made untiring efforts to transform ONGC’s Geophysical Services into a seamless, globally competitive, professional outfit equipped with state-of-the-art technology and expertise. Distributed wireline telemetry recording units, enhanced computing power, and “best-in-class” processing/interpretation software were introduced during his tenure.

In addition to these responsibilities, he also chaired ONGC’s Exploration Computer Committee (ECC) and the Advisory Council on Exploration-3D (ACE-3D). His outstanding contribution to the field of oil and gas exploration was duly recognized by the government of India which conferred him the prestigious “National Mineral Award” in 1996.

He keeps himself abreast of the latest technological developments in the field of exploration geophysics due to his active involvement and association with the professional geophysical societies and institutes in India and abroad. He is an Active Member of SEG and co-chairman of the South Asia Region for GAC, a member of European Academy of Science, and a life member of the Society of Petroleum Geophysicists, India. During his tenure as the SPG president, he was instrumental in promoting geoscientific education and strengthening collaboration between academia and the oil industry in India and SPG affiliated with SEG and EAGE. His tireless efforts resulted in several prestigious SEG- and EAGE-sponsored events in India. Four Biennial International Conferences and Expositions on Petroleum Geophysics were organized by SPG, India under his leadership. These conferences are a major platform for technological exchange and interaction among the geoscientific community of India and the rest of the globe, and played a key role in bringing cutting-edge technologies to India. Due to his efforts, ONGC joined such consortia as CREWES and Stanford Rock Physics and Borehole Geophysics Project (SRB). What impresses most about Ananda Pramanik is his boundless enthusiasm and zeal to learn more. During his entire career as a geoscientist and an exploration manager, now spanning more than four decades, he has been the right blend of an analytical brain and human values.

It is a pleasure to congratulate him on behalf of the geoscientific community upon receipt of this distinguished honor and hope that he will continue to enrich geoscientific knowledge in the years to come.