Alfred Hermont

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Alfred Hermont
Alfred J. Hermont headshot.png
Latest company Shell Development Company
Membership Life Member

Alfred J. Hermont (1904 - 2000) was a Russian-born American geophysicist, who was a long-time employee of Shell. He was born Alfred Hertzenberg in Irkutsk, Russia on 14 May 1904. He legally changed his name to Alfred J. Hermont in 1948 while working for Shell.[1]

Hermont was noted for translating several geophysical texts from Russian into English, including Vertical seismic profiling by E. I. Gal'perin (edited by J. E. White) and Seismic traveltime inversion by S.V. Goldin (edited by P. Hubral). Alfred Hermont was honored with SEG Life Membership in 1979. He passed away at the age of 96 on 19 Jul 2000 in Harris County, Texas.