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This 2D land data, from the National Petroleum reserve Alaska, is provided by the U.S. Geological Survey. The Alaska 2D Land Line 16-81 intersects Land Line 31-81, and its processing sequence is the same as that used for Alaska 2D Land Line 31-81. Seismic Unix scripts and a research poster are available. When compared with line 31-81: the ground roll is weaker; there are fewer noise bursts; and there is a larger statics problem and more structure between 1 and 2 seconds.

How to obtain a copy of the data

The simplest way to obtain a copy of the data is via download; use the tar file with Seismic Unix processing scripts described below. To access the U.S. Geological Survey data collected from 1974 until 1981 in the National Petroleum Reserve Alaska, click here.

Search for line 16-81 to find SEG Y files of the raw field data and processed stack section. The observer's log, surveyor's log, and scanned image of the stack section are also available.

Terms of use

There are no usage constraints on this data. Users should credit the U.S. Geological Survey as the data source.

Seismic Unix processing scripts

Poster about the Seismic Unix processing scripts

To download the research poster by Ricardo Zavala of the University of Houston with general overview of the survey and example su results, click here.

A tar file with Seismic Unix processing scripts

A copy of scripts to download and process Alaska line 16-81 can be obtained using the following directions.

Please log onto a Linux computer, open the web browser, and go to: The file should automatically download. Or (there have been issues reported in China), right click on: and select Save Link As... Next, open a terminal window and type the following dialog:

find . -name alaska16-81.tar.gz

On my computers it finds the file as Downloads/alaska16-31.tar.gz or /tmp/alaska16-81.tar.gz. Continue the dialog with:

mkdir open_data
cd open_data
mv ../Downloads/alaska16-81.tar.gz .
tar -xvf alaska16-81.tar.gz

This will untar the directory. When it completes, type:

cd alaska16-81

This will run the processing on line 16_81 showing intermediate results. It assumes su has already been installed.

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