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Alton K. Schultz has been a research scientist at Amoco Production since 1981.

Alton Schultz
Alton K. Shultz headshot.png
Latest company Amoco Production Co.
Membership SEG, APS, AAPT, SIAM, AGU, and Sigma Xi
PhD Physics
PhD university University of Houston


Alton K. Schultz received a Ph.D. degree in physics from the University of Houston in 1979 under the tutelage of Professor Robert M. Kiehn. While a doctoral student, he received a teaching excellence award. He was assistant professor in the Dept. of Physics at Texas Tech University from 1979 to 1981.

In 1981 he joined the staff at Amoco Production Co.'s Tulsa Research Center, where he is now senior research scientist. His research interests at Amoco include modeling and inversion of gravity and magnetic data including borehole gravity meter data. He is a member of SEG, APS, AAPT, SIAM, AGU, and Sigma Xi.[1]


Larry R. Lines, A. K. Schultz, and Sven Treitel received the 1988 SEG Best Paper in Geophysics Award for their paper Cooperative inversion of geophysical data.[2]


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