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A. J. Berni has been a research geophysicist at Shell Oil since 1975 and has won several SEG awards.
A. J. Berni
A. J. Berni headshot.png
Latest company Shell Oil
Membership SEG and IEEE
BSc New Jersey Institute of Technology
MSc university University of Texas
PhD university University of Colorado


A. J. Berni received a BS from the New Jersey Institute of Technology in 1967 and an MS from the University of Texas in 1968. He was employed for two years by Radiation Inc. as a communications engineer, and then he returned to the University of Colorado for doctoral studies and received a PhD in 1972. He held a postdoctoral position at Ohio State University's electroscience laboratory from 1972 to 1974.

Since 1975, Berni has been employed by Shell Oil as a research geophysicist. His areas of specialization are seismic data acquisition and processing. He has received SEG awards for the outstanding geophysical papers at the 1980 and 1987 Offshore Technology Conferences. He was an associate editor of Geophysics for 1992-93 and is currently a member of SEG and IEEE.[1]


A. J. Berni received the SEG Best Paper in Geophysics Award for his paper Remote sensing of seismic vibrations by laser Doppler interferometry.[2]


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  2. Berni, A. J. (1994) Remote sensing of seismic vibrations by laser Doppler interferometry, Geophysics, 59(12):1856.

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