3-D structural inversion applied to seismic data from offshore Indonesia

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Seismic Data Analysis
Series Investigations in Geophysics
Author Öz Yilmaz
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1190/1.9781560801580
ISBN ISBN 978-1-56080-094-1
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The third 3-D structural inversion case study is from offshore Indonesia; it involves a 3-D survey that covers an area of nearly 150 km2. The surface area is roughly a rectangle with dimensions of approximately 15 km in the inline direction and 10 km in the crossline direction. Survey statistics include more than 15 million traces recorded and 480 000 stacked traces. The nominal fold of coverage is 32, the inline trace spacing is 12.5 m, and the crossline trace spacing is 25 m. Figure 7.4-22 shows three inline sections from the volume of 3-D prestack time-migrated data from this 3-D survey.

Figure 7.4-22  Three inline sections (from top to bottom: Inlines 105, 155 and 205 with 1250-m distance between them) from a 3-D prestack time-migrated data volume derived from a sequence that includes 3-D DMO correction as in Figures 7.4-13, 7.4-14 and 7.4-15, and 3-D common-offset migration as in Figures 7.4-16, 7.4-17, and 7.4-18.

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3-D structural inversion applied to seismic data from offshore Indonesia
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