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Exploration-geophysical datasets

Each dataset has an associated README file specifying its terms of usage. You are required to read and agree to the terms of usage applying to a dataset before using it.

2D Synthetic datasets available on

  • Two Hess VTI datasets for testing 2D anisotropic migration.
  • The 2004 BP Velocity-Analysis Benchmark dataset from the velocity-analysis workshop at the 2004 EAGE meeting, Paris, France.
  • The "1997 2.5D" dataset, from "Strike shooting, dip shooting, widepatch shooting -- Does prestack migration care? A model study, by Etgen and Regone.
  • The "Model94" dataset from "Migration from topography: Improving the near-surface image, by Gray and Marfurt.
  • Mike O'Brien's "Statics94" dataset created to test processing techniques for handling near-surface statics.

Links to datasets available elsewhere

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