Brazilian Geophysical Society (SBGf)

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Brazilian Geophysical Society (SBGf)
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Latest company Sociedade Brasileira de Geofisica (SBGf)

SEG is recognizing an affiliated society, Sociedade Brasileira de Geofisica (SBGf), with the Distinguished Achievement Award as a result of its outstanding and amazing growth and contributions to exploration geophysics. SBGf, founded 30 years ago by volunteers, and with the support of Petrobras, has progressed to the point of hosting what is arguably the world’s third largest intentional exploration geophysical meeting. SBGf started at a time when Brazil was not a large oil producer. However, through the support of the government and Petrobras, more than 800 professional exploration geophysicists are now working in Brazil and SBGf has become one of SEG’s strongest affiliates.

Citation for the SEG Distinguished Achievement Award (2010)

Contributed by Eduardo Faria

The Brazilian Geophysical Society (SBGf) is a nonprofit scientific association that has been operating since 1978 to support the development of geophysics and defend the common interests of its professional members. It is a multidisciplinary society; its members include the most active professionals in the field of geosciences in Brazil and abroad. Today, SBGf is a mature institution, with its continuous efforts recognized nationally and internationally and with activities that have significantly contributed to the development of geophysics.

SBGf has a Board of Directors that is responsible for managing the society. The headquarters is in Rio de Janeiro but, in addition, six regional secretaries cover the entire country by providing a presence in each geopolitical region. The organization has been representing the interests of geophysicists since its foundation. The society promotes activities to ensure the quality of teaching and research in geophysics in the country, encourages the exchange of knowledge between professionals from Brazil and other countries, organizes meetings, conferences, symposia, courses and other activities. It also edits and reviews the publication of scientific papers and textbooks, and encourages the dissemination of knowledge on geophysics.

Its 32 years of operation have given SBGf several reasons to celebrate. Besides being recognized in Brazil and abroad, it is responsible for one of the biggest geophysical events in the world. The society held its first Congress in 1989 with subsequent meetings taking place every two years. SBGf also sponsors other meetings throughout Brazil of different scopes and sizes. This include lectures about geophysics at universities, technical training, forums, and workshops. SBGf has approximately 4000 members with substantial participation by students, professors, and researchers. There is a significant representation of professionals linked to companies in the areas of oil, mining, and providing geophysical services.

Since 1982, SBGf has edited the only scientific publication specifically about geophysics in Brazil, Revista Brasileira de Geofísica (RBGf), which endorses the dissemination of scientific and technical work. In addition, a bulletin is published every two months with articles and news mainly related to the activities of geophysics in Brazil. SBGf has made efforts to publish books in Portuguese, which can be used in research and teaching geophysics in Brazil. The Society aims to promote and stimulate the development of geophysics and the common interests of its members by: (a) overseeing the ethical practice in geophysics; (b) supporting the interests and rights of geophysicists; (c) evaluating the quality and improving teaching and research in geophysics in Brazil; (d) promoting the prestige of geophysics in the country; (e) stimulating initiatives in teaching and research of geophysics in Brazil; (f) promoting contacts with institutes and societies of geophysics and related sciences in the country and overseas; (g) encouraging exchanges among geophysicists from Brazil and other countries; (h) sponsoring and organizing meetings, congresses, symposia, courses, and related activities within geophysics and related sciences; (i) publishing journals and textbooks in the field of geophysics; (j) publishing a newsletter on the activities of SBGf and general matters related to the development of geophysics; (k) encouraging the dissemination of geophysical knowledge through publications and the media; and (l) stimulating the best use and distribution of resources in field of geophysics and the best plan to train specialists required for the development of the country.


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