Bettye Athanasiou

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Bettye Athanasiou
Bettye Athanasiou headshot.png
Membership Life Member

Bettye Jo Raiden Athanasiou (Jun. 15, 1923 - Oct. 22, 2006) a popular public affairs expert and petroleum industry trade magazine editor. She was an employee of Fairfield Industries in 1978, when she received SEG Life Membership.

Excerpt from Geophysics and the Affairs of Mankind by Lee Lawyer, p.173-174

Nevertheless, the best-known woman in post-war geophysical world was the hard-working public affairs specialist, Bettye Athanasiou. Based in Houston, she had edited three company magazines---Party Line (Robert Ray, Inc.), Time Break (Geo Space Corporation), and The Phone (Walker-Hall-Sears) and had operated scores of hospitality suites for thirsty explorationists throughout the world during three decades. Graced with near total recall, she knows by face (and generally by name) some 6000 geophysicists not only from attendance in innumerable conventions and exhibits, but by visits to the field, some of which have taken her far north of the Arctic Circle. While on visits to such remote outposts of the geophysical profession she listened to everyone's hopes and frustrations, photographed them, and wrote down urgent errands she could perform for them once she returned to civilization. For these unique efforts as Den Mother to an entire profession, the Society of Exploration Geophysicists made her a Life Member in 1978, and the Houston Geophysical Society followed with a similar award a year later.[1]


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