William Kite

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William Kite
William Casper Kite headshot.jpg

William Casper Kite (1891-1974) was born in the town of Stillwater in Payne county, Oklahoma, USA on 13 Nov 1891 to Ambrose Henkle Kite and Margaret Taylor. William Casper married Maude Bandel and had 3 children. He passed away in 1974. [1]

The January 1921 issue of Mining and Metallurgy (American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers) list William C. Kite as a "consulting geologist with Perrine & Kite, from 1916-present" [2]

Mr. Kite was known for his participation in the first reflection seismic experiment made for the location of petroleum. "On June 4, 1921, on a farm three miles north of Oklahoma City (now at the site of the Belle Isle Library, Northwest Expressway and Villa), J. Clarence Karcher with the team of Dr. D.W. Ohern, Dr. Irving Perrine, Dr. William P. Haseman, and William C. Kite tested the (first reflection) seismograph and determined that it could, indeed, show subsurface structure that was capable of holding oil." [3]