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[[File:SEG_1954_logo.png|right|thumb|120px|"SEG 1954 Logo"]]
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William Butler
William W. Butler headshot.png
Membership Life Member

William W. Butler was awarded SEG Life Membership as the winner of a 1952 contest to design a new SEG Crest.[1]

The winning crest, which earned Butler life membership, consists of a western hemisphere framed by the traditional mariners’ compass. The globe map is used to signify that geophysics is the science of the earth, and the mariners’ compass denotes the fact that the science of geophysics is used to explore the earth and its crust in search of mineral wealth. The photo appeared on page 262 of the January 1953 GEOPHYSICS.

"SEG 1954 Logo"


[1] Clark, D. (2005). ”SEG's first 75 years.” The Leading Edge, 24(s1), s18–s25.[1]