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The SEG Wiki Awards honor the top contributors to the wiki annually. Honorees receive a featured article in The Leading Edge, free SEG eBook of choice, and other prizes. Additionally, all winners receive an invitation to attend SEG's Editor’s Reception, a gathering honoring the volunteers who contribute to the technical excellence of the Society’s publications.

Learn about the past wiki award winners. Add your layer to the science of geophysics, and help us to continue to build the leading free, living resource for the geophysics community!

2014 Wiki Champion John W. Stockwell, Jr. and SEG President Elect Christopher Liner at the Editors' Dinner.


The SEG Wiki awards are based on:

  • the quantity and quality of contributions
  • extent by which those contributions (and the contributor) connect others to SEG and the wiki
  • how the contributions extend beyond the wiki to inspire and propel the science of geophysics
  • how the contributors' service aligns with wiki contribution needs

Note: We have intentionally designed the award criteria to be flexible to accommodate innovation that advances the science.

Contribution needs

  1. Contribute articles based on the adopt a page. Use SEG publications, the SEG Digital Library, Wikipedia, or your own expertise to grow these articles.
  2. Add missing biographies in the wiki and launch new biographical pages on SEG book authors whose profile is missing. Special emphasis on international scientists and women in geophysics.
  3. Add your Student Chapter to the wiki
  4. Add references and figures to the articles in Sheriff's Dictionary
  5. Translate Sheriff's Dictionary into a non-English language. Contact ageary‐at‐ for additional information.
  6. Locate and add missing open data sets
Ten things you can do!


Wiki award honorees receive:

  • Featured article in The Leading Edge for all honorees
  • Free SEG eBook of choice
  • An SEG Wiki trophy
  • Invitation to attend SEG’s annual Editor's Reception, a gathering honoring the volunteers who contribute to the technical excellence of the Society’s publications.

Wiki help

Creating your own profile

  1. Add user page to the SEG Wiki. Follow our video tutorial for creating a user page.
    1. To access your user page, first make sure to login to SEG's single sign-on system (SSO) using your login credentials
    2. Then, visit your user page
    3. Add your own personal information under each category
    4. For a strong example of a user page, check out the user page of Elizabeth Warren, journals production editor for GEOPHYSICS and Interpretation.
  2. Full instructions

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