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Hello SEG readers!

My name is Yenni Villa, I am a first year student of the Joint Master's in Applied Geophysics (IDEA League), who is eager to learn and enjoy every aspect of her university life (later life will be harder). If you have any question, comments or have the feeling that somehow I can help you, you can reach me by e-mail at [email protected]

Hopefully I will be here for a long while contributing to enrich our SEGWiki content!


  • Matlab and Java programming.
  • Signal and Image processing.
  • Computer science applied to geophysics.


  • Keen on learning a lot about Geology.
  • Special interest for pattern recognition (and statistic related) techniques for seismic data processing.

Aspirations and goals

  • Looking forward to master in Geological Interpretation of seismic data.
  • I expect to become a polyglot before age 30.
  • I have always admired those professionals dedicated to contribute to the advancement of society by focusing their research on solving real world problems for industry, which is exactly the position I hope to be one day in.

One question for the SEG Wiki

  1. Is it possible


  1. Sandbox