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Matt Hall

I am a geoscientist in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Send me an email or visit my SEG profile.

Tips and tricks and random things in my Sandbox.

This is page Matthall and this is the effect of #explode: {{#explode:Matthall|:|-1}}... so we don't have parserfunctions.


Wikithon 2013 — List of things to do

  • Find all pages containing <center> and add them to Category:Pages with unformatted equations — cannot get bot to log in, because of special SEG sign-on
  • Scrape biographies from SEG Virtual Museum and convert them to wikitext — web pages are open, so don't have to log in. Won't be able to correct pages though.
  • Parse references page, create a database, then crawl the wiki and replace references with <ref> tags
  • Add Search template, including Schlumberger's Oilfield Glossary
  • We can probably move figures automatically too, if we can figure out the login issue.

Notes about the wiki

  • We need some basic CSS in MediaWiki:Common.css
  • The HTML character substitution is a bit confusing. Causes problems linking to, for example, Dictionary:Archie’s_formulas, because Dictionary:Archie's formulas doesn't work. We could redirect them.
  • Allowing SVG would be useful
  • We should redirect things like Dictionary:AVO instead of forcing a second click.
  • The skyscraper ads are in the way of right-justified (the default) thumbnails, so everything seems to have to be centered (left-justified thumbs cause problems with lists and headings)
  • Changing DISPLAYTITLE all the time is probably not a great idea
  • We need a bit of protocol around how much the Encyclopedia can change, vs how much of the change should just go into the Main namespace. Dictionary:AVO is a case in point.