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==Matt Hall==
I am a geoscientist in Nova Scotia, Canada.
I am a geoscientist in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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Matt Hall

I am a geoscientist in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Send me an email or visit my SEG profile.

Tips and tricks and random things in my Sandbox.

Notes about the wiki

  • We need some basic CSS in MediaWiki:Common.css
  • The HTML character substitution is a bit confusing. Causes problems linking to, for example, Dictionary:Archie’s_formulas, because Dictionary:Archie's formulas doesn't work. We could redirect them.
  • Allowing SVG would be useful
  • We should redirect things like Dictionary:AVO instead of forcing a second click.
  • The skyscraper ads are in the way of right-justified (the default) thumbnails, so everything seems to have to be centered (left-justified thumbs cause problems with lists and headings)
  • Changing DISPLAYTITLE all the time is probably not a great idea
  • We need a bit of protocol around how much the Encyclopedia can change, vs how much of the change should just go into the Main namespace. Dictionary:AVO is a case in point.