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The SEG Wiki is a resource provided by the members of SEG to fill the role the regular Wikipedia cannot fill---to provide information expressly for the exploration geoscience student and professional. The SEG Wiki is also a place were you may share your knowledge related to geophysics and geoscience, in general. The Wiki is also an archive for historical information.

The Science

The SEG Wiki's main mission is to supply scientific materials to the members.

Online books and tutorials

The SEG Wiki provides a place where books important to the geophysicist are being provided, totally open and free of charge.

The Knowledge tree

The Knowledge tree is the gateway to a collection of scientific, mathematic, geophysical, and geological information for the student and for the professional.


Part of the mission of the SEG is to capture the history of the discipline of exploration geophysics. Exploration geophysics has had a tremendous impact on society. [1]

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  1. Lawyer, L. C., Bates, C. C., & Rice, R. B. (2001). Geophysics in the affairs of mankind: A personalized history of exploration geophysics. Society of Exploration Geophysicists.