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About Me

Azie Sophia wants to live in a world where smartphones are not the king of communication, love letters are written by hands, gymnasium is not a priority.

As a PhD student in geophysics, she’s been honored with awards like Best Poster for PhD at Robert Sheriff Symposium.

When she’s not at the computer working on the thesis, you can find her reading Yelp exploring new places to eat, coffee shops, watching new movies and playing board games until midnight.

Send me an email azie.sophia.aziz‐at‐ or visit my LinkedIn page.

Other Details

  • University = University of Houston
  • Research Advisor = Dr. Robert Stewart
  • Home country = Malaysia
  • Resident = Houston, TX,USA

Work Experience

  • Shell, Houston Deepwater Exploration Geophysicist Intern May 2014-August 2014
    • Analyzed seismic imaging method (SRME) and recommended the technique resulting in computational cost reduction
    • Developed and implemented strategies for deep water data conditioning, which resulted in a 100% satisfied client
    • Managed a cross-functional team to meet client’s objectives (increase confidence in reservoir interpretation)
  • ConocoPhillips, Houston Knowledge Management Analyst January 2013 – December 2013
    • Developed online integrated portal to streamline activities and resources for the Continuous Improvement Group
    • Formulated Key Performance Indicators to evaluate and quantify the group capability and measure project success
    • Implemented and integrated training page with tools and resources using a Wiki-based platform
  • KMS Technologies, Houston Geophysicist/Business Development Manager October 2008 – December 2012
    • Proved salt overhang and oil deposit in Hockley reservoir through Magnetotellurics (MT)
    • Demonstrated presence of gas in unconventional (Bakken) reservoir through surface-to-borehole EM
    • Identified $300, 0000 market opportunity for Asia Pacific Region and research Institution
  • PETRONAS, Malaysia Researcher/Trainer July 2005– October 2008
    • Managed engineers to successfully complete a project, which resulted in an Ericsson Innovation Award
    • Maintained 6 visiting speakers per year to introduce new ideas and identified prospects through networking
    • Developed new training program for engineering department which resulted in company’s highest award performance

Companies and professional affiliations

  • Shell
  • ConocoPhillips
  • SEG
  • EAGE
  • University of Houston

Expertise I can offer

  • Depth Imaging
  • GPR
  • Demultiple
  • Wiki
  • EM
  • Business Development
  • Management Consulting
  • Technical Writing

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One question for the SEG Wiki staff

  1. How can I contribute to the Wiki development in SEG ?

Testing ground

  1. Sandbox
  2. Scavenger hunt