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SEG authors without wiki biographies

not a complete list

  • James Allen
  • Neil Anderson
  • Gergory Baker
  • John Bancroft
  • Markus Bath
  • Thomas Benz
  • Mark Berdichevsky
  • Joakim Blanch
  • Rober Bloor
  • Ralph Phillip Bording
  • J Brac
  • Dwain Butler
  • David Connolly
  • Patrick Corbett
  • Andreas Cordsen
  • S.H. Danbom
  • Micahel DeAngelo
  • Rui deFigueiredo
  • Vladimir Dmitriev
  • S.N. Domenico
  • William Done
  • Olivier Dubrule
  • David Eaton
  • Daniel Ebrom
  • Brian Evans
  • Stuart Fagin
  • James Fink
  • Erling Fjaer


  • improve search template
  • create infobox
  • I was just creating Shawn Maxwell's entry in the wiki and thought the very same thing about including

images of their published books. Good suggestion! Yes, technically anyone can post their bio now, so we could use a guideline. A looser guideline might mean we get more contributors. And, having a searchable index of published SEG authors might not be a bad thing either. Something to think about. -- If you create a guideline you might want to limit it to book authors because then anyone who publishes could post their bio, correct?

Looking at Oz's page, it seems that it could use some updating. Interestingly, the "find literature about Oz Yilmaz"+SEG button lists papers and chapters in the DL. Listing the titles of the books and linking to entire book would be a nice addition, along with adding keywords to the see also section.

As for authors and co-authors, I suppose our notability guideline could be something like: has published with SEG. Or, maybe, has been the primary author on an SEG publication.

Biondo and Oz are in the wiki. Although, they could probably both use an update. Shawn Maxwell needs a wiki bio. I think most of the book authors are in the wiki. Book authors are notable enough for the wiki. -- I was asking Andrew if Wiki bios existed for book authors. His answer: "The answer is no, unless they have won other awards. If they have been honored by SEG, they would be in the wiki, though the books may not be"

The book authors seem to be a fairly significant group, Oz, Shawn Maxwell, and Biondo Biondi for example. Perhaps we could create Wiki bios for the book authors, if they don't already exist, and create a link from the DL platform.

I know we are limited as to what we can do. The easiest may be to create a link from the Featured SEG eBooks section,, or create a home page for the book, which doesn't currently exist, saying something as simple as "Read more about this author". In the Wiki bio, we could list the book, possibly pointing back to the book, and the keywords, with the keywords linking out to definitions on the Wiki.

Andrew mentioned that he was thinking yesterday about how pubs and the Wiki can be integrated better. This might be a first step and help drive traffic to the Wiki and help users further explore it. Maybe even sending a tweet when a book has been released to point readers to the Wiki bio.