Seismic Data Analysis: Processing, Inversion, and Interpretation of Seismic Data

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Seismic Data Analysis
Series Investigations in Geophysics
Title Seismic Data Analysis
Author Öz Yilmaz
ISBN ISBN 978-1-56080-094-1
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Öz Yilmaz has expanded his original volume on processing to include inversion and interpretation of seismic data. In addition to the developments in all aspects of conventional processing, this two-volume set represents a comprehensive and complete coverage of the modern trends in the seismic industry-from time to depth, from 3-D to 4-D, from 4-D to 4-C, and from isotropy to anisotropy.

Use the search box to search for terms in SDA or click on the chapter headings to begin exploring the various chapters in this two volume work. Help us keep this valuable contribution to geophysics up to date by making your own contributions, adding your own solutions to the exercises, and keeping the latest information on technology and geophysics up to date.


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  1. Introduction
  2. Fundamentals of Signal Processing
  3. Deconvolution
  4. Velocity Analysis and Statics Corrections
  5. Migration
  6. Dip-Moveout Correction and Prestack Migration
  7. Noise and Multiple Attenuation
  8. 3-D Seismic Exploration
  9. Earth Imaging in Depth
  10. Earth Modeling in Depth
  11. Structural Inversion
  12. Reservoir Geophysics
  13. Author Biography
  14. Index