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SEG Wiki staff will hold webinars to train volunteers and provide support on a regular basis as needed. Volunteers will gain a working knowledge of wikitext (similar to contributing to Wikipedia), expand his/her role within the society, and grow his/her geoscience knowledge and skills. Volunteers will also be considered for the 2015 SEG Wiki awards, awarded at the Annual Meeting in New Orleans (attendance not required to win).

Position description

Job responsibilities and activities

  • Authority designated to the position
  • Reporting relationships and supervision

Job title and purpose

Benefits & qualifications

Time requirement

  • Proposed starting date (and ending date, if applicable)


Ways to get started

Creating your own profile

  1. Add user page to the SEG Wiki
    1. To access your user page, first make sure to login to SEG's single sign-on system (SSO) using your login credentials
    2. Then, visit your user page (click on Create on top right)
    3. Add your own personal information under each category
    4. For a strong example of a user page, check out the user page of Elizabeth Warren, journals production editor for GEOPHYSICS and Interpretation.
  2. Add a sandbox — add [[/Sandbox/]] to your newly created user page, save page and then click on the red link that appears. Try some editing - you can do anything you like here and it does not impact the content on the main wiki.
  3. To add additional sandboxes, change the name of the pages (no need to delete the original Sandbox page). For example, [[/Test 2/]], [[/AVO test/]], and so forth.

Information can include:

  • Companies and professional affiliations
  • Expertise, topics of interest
  • One question about the wiki
  • One new page idea for the wiki
  • A photo (if you'd like)
{{DISPLAYTITLE:My name here}}
Insert introduction - name, job title, contact information.

==Companies and professional affiliations==

==Expertise I can offer==

==3 definitions that need updated in Sheriff's ''Dictionary''==

==One question for the SEG Wiki staff==

==Testing ground==

Knowledge tree

If you have already created a user page, visit the knowledge tree and pick a topic listed to add additional content.

The knowledge tree outlines the main articles under three subjects: geophysics, geology, and petroleum engineering. Please add 1-2 sentences for each item, outlining its role within geosciences. To develop each article further, click the link and begin building or editing the existing page. If you see any major topics missing, please add under its relevant heading.

Create a new article - step by step

  1. Add a link to an existing page OR click on the red link that appears in the result page when you search for the article
    1. Tips for naming articles
  2. Click the red link you just made to start the new page
  3. Write the introduction
  4. Add links liberally, but not willy-nilly
  5. Write the article, adding references as you go
  6. Add See also, External links, and References sections
  7. If it’s a stub, add {{stub}}
  8. Add it to at least one [[Category:Example]]
  9. Add #REDIRECT pages for the new article
  10. Search the wiki and link from related articles

QUICK LAYER: Visit the article template and how to name an article for more information.