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* President: Karl Mome
* President: [[User:Karlmome|Karl Mome]]
* Vice President: Jordan Phillips  
* Vice President: Jordan Phillips  
* Secretary: [[User:Eramsey|Elizabeth Ramsey]]
* Secretary: [[User:Eramsey|Elizabeth Ramsey]]

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University of Alberta Geophysics Undergraduate Society
University University of Alberta
President Karl Mome
Faculty Advisor Martyn Unsworth
Country Canada
Status Active

The University of Alberta Geophysics Undergraduate Society (UAGUS) is a student organized group that aims to enrich the undergraduate experience by providing academic and social opportunities to geophysics students. Over the past several years we have been involved in the organization of the annual Geoskills Conference, the Western Inter-University Geosciences Conference, and have helped send students to the annual SEG Annual Meeting in Houston, Las Vegas and Denver. We host regular mixers where geophysics students can come out and get to know their classmates and professors.

This year we have initiated a talk series, where professional geophysicists come to the university and share their experiences and career paths with students. This shows undergraduates real world applications of geophysics, beyond the theory of the classroom. We hope this will help undergraduates uncover where their skills and interests would best fit in the world of geophysics, and the many different career paths available within the field. We have also initiated study groups and a mentorship program, where undergraduates are matched with 4th year students and graduate students to help guide them through the program.


Faculty Advisor

  • Martyn Unsworth

Contact information


University of Alberta Geophysics Undergraduate Society
Department of Physics
CCIS L2-003
University of Alberta 
Edmonton, AB, T6G 2E1

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