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(SAGSC 2015)
(SAGSC 2015)
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=== SLS 2017 ===
=== SLS 2017 ===
UPES SEG Student Chapter was elevated to announce the selection of our Vice president Ms. Rimal Bhat for SLS travel grant to participate in SEG international Exposition and 87th Annual Meeting which was held at Texas.  
UPES SEG Student Chapter was elevated to announce the selection of our Vice president Ms. Rimal Bhat for SLS travel grant to participate in SEG international Exposition and 87th Annual Meeting which was held at Texas.  
[[File:FB IMG 1585320821960.jpg|thumb|SAGSC 2015]]
=== SAGSC 2015 ===
=== SAGSC 2015 ===
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# Challenge Bowl
# Challenge Bowl
# Mega Show
# Mega Show
# Guest Lecture on "Satellite Image Analysis & Interpretation and Recent Trends in Hydrocarbon Industry"
# Guest Lecture on "Satellite Image Analysis & Interpretation and Recent Trends in Hydrocarbon Industry"<br />
<br /><br /><br /><br />
<br /><br /><br /><br />
== Outreach Program ==
== Outreach Program ==
[[File:Outreach at ssc.jpg|thumb|298x298px|Outreach at DIS]]
[[File:Outreach at ssc.jpg|thumb|298x298px|Outreach at DIS]]

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UPES SEG student chapter
University of Petroleum and Energy Studies .png
University University of Petroleum and Energy Studies [1]
Faculty Advisor Dr. Saurabh Mittal [2] ; Dr. Pushpa Sharma [3]
Country India
Status Active
Ranking Ridge Level

The UPES (University of Petroleum and Energy Studies) SEG Student Chapter was established on 27th January 2010. Under the aegis of SEG International and UPES, the student chapter works towards promoting study and research in the field of Geophysics in and around the Campus. The UPES Student Chapter hosts numerous events in and around the city of Dehradun, Uttarakhand. We cater to the branches of Earth Science and Petroleum domain in the University.

Our History

In 2003, the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies was established in the Dehradun at the foothills of the Himalayas. The University was India’s first public-private University and offered courses both undergraduate and postgraduate related to the field of Oil and gas such as Geoscience Engineering, Geo-Informatics Engineering, Petroleum Engineering and many more. In 2010, a group of students decided to establish a chapter which would focus to presenting alternate career option other than Petroleum while being related to Geoscience. This resulted in the establishment of the UPES SEG Student Chapter. The student chapter had working of 10 people when established.

On 27th January 2020, the team hosted a series of events to commemorate the tenth foundation day.

Our Goal

"The UPES SEG Student Chapter provides an opportunity framework for society activity at the university level. We host multiple events throughout the year with the ideology to improvise one's professional skills."

Our Chapter Structure

The structure of the SEG Student Chapter which allows maximum effectiveness and control involves the Executive Board (EB), the Co-Executives (CoEB) and the Committee heads.

The Student Chapter comprises of 9 committees. They are as follow:

  • Content Generation
  • Documentation
  • Event Design
  • Event Organizers
  • Graphic and Design
  • Marketing and Sponsorship
  • Online Broadcasting
  • Publicity
  • SEG For Career

Each of these committee are under the segment of Program or Operations which are looked over by the Co-Executives ( Program Administrator and Operation Coordinator

UPES SEG Pillars

The Equilibrium of each working organization is supported by it's pillars. The UPES SEG Student Chapter functions upon it's four pillars.

Campus Events

The UPES SEG Student Chapter hosts a slew of events throughout the year with an aim to achieve our goal. We conduct numerous technical and non-technical events such as Thor, Petrothlon, Techno-catch and also hosted numerous Guest Lectures and Workshops conducted by distinguished men and women from the industry. We utilize the location of our university to take students for field trip to nearby locations where the wonders of geology can be witnessed.

Outreach Programs

The UPES SEG Student Chapter works with the objective of inspiring the next generation to pursue Geophysics with a goal to help humanity. In an initiative to assist this, UPES SEG Student Chapter hosts a number of Outreaches throughout the year to schools in and around the city of Dehradun. We have hosted several outreaches in various schools such as the Government Senior Secondary School and the Doon International School(Riverside Campus).

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility helps build trust, raise awareness, and encourage social change. And in a society rules by myth, we work towards ensuring change in the smallest aspect but with a larger magnitude. UPES SEG Student chapter hosted ‘Udaan’, a menstrual sanitation drive with an aim to educate the rural people about menstrual health and hygiene. The Event was organized in the village of Pondha. The Student Chapter also hosted Cleanathon-a cleanliness drive which was organized in accordance with the government’s vision of 'Swach Bharat' : a mission to have cleaner and sanitized environments in public space.

Educational Publication

The GENESIS is UPES SEG student chapter’s monthly newsletter. It caters to all students throughout the university as well as students studying in nearby college. An Initiative by our former President Ms. Shradha Sood, it was an endeavour to keep young professional updated with opportunities and disseminate relevant information regarding the field of Geoscience and Geophysics. It has been released on a monthly basis and accessible for all students without any access fee.

Student Engagement Program

The UPES SEG Student Chapter hosts numerous events with the aim of assisting the development of student's personal and professional skills. These are a few of the Chapter's events over the year.

Technical Events


Paper Roll

UPES SEG Student Chapter hosted Paper Roll - a paper presentation event on 8th of January. The event was judged by our esteemed guests from Norwell Engineering Mr. Alan Fraser and Mr. Euan Shephard. The event brought to light numerous papers with potential to bring about a change in the industry.


On the 23rd of January, UPES SEG Student Chapter conducted Geo-fizz, an online quiz with questions varying from easy to hard level, based completely on Geophysics. The event was successfully conducted with numerous participants actively taking part and thus making it hugely inspiring.


The UPES SEG student chapter organized an online geology quiz "GEO-CRISP “on 22nd January. The motive was to provide the students with a basic idea for geology. The quiz was devised to analyze one’s knowledge, aptitude, and general skill set.


On 27th January 2020, UPES SEG Student chapter on the occasion of their tenth foundation day hosted Petrothlon – an oil and gas centric event. The event was received with warmth and attracted participants from various years and Branches.

Ek Dart Se Do Nishana

Piercing through the balloons, tacking the questions, that was what they all aimed, the participants of UPES SEG’s Ek Dart Se Do Nishana. The event was hosted on 29th January and was received with joyful participants. The event also served as a learning journey for those not so well versed in the field of Geology.


On 30th and 31st January 2020, UPES SEG Student chapter held a seismic data acquisition and interpretation event THOR. The Event brought participants from various branches and Colleges. Over the course of two days, the event witnessed more than 400 participants.


Chemo-act 3.0

UPES SEG student chapter organized Chemo-Act 3.0 on the 20th of November, which was basically an event of proficient cheerfulness comprising of two rounds procedure. The two round events began with enthusiasm. In the first round, participants were to answer the MCQs based on chemistry prototype, from which a final nine teams were further selected for the  second round which was typically a dumb charade round in which one of the team members had to enact a particular chemistry related word and the other members had to guess from that particular portrayal.

Case Study

On 18th September, UPES SEG SC presented a stage for some brilliant minds came together to present their views and show off their presentation skills with ‘Parichay’ Case Study. It was also hosted under the banner of Parichay- the fresher’s week.


UPES SEG Student Chapter brought about some great young minds on 17th September for a quest to find the hazards present and suggest some PPE and RPE in the event FireWalker.

Petroleum Mocktail

On 3rd August, UPES SEG SC held an online event Petroleum Mocktail. The event with an overwhelming response from our freshers. It was hosted under the banner of Parichay- the fresher’s week.



UPES SEG SC conducted “TECHNOCATCH” where the participant’s live problem skills were put to test. Students were given some crucial situations which the engineers face in the industry and the students came up with their solutions to the problems.


UPES SEG Student Chapter hosted Petro-Conference where teams were assigned a country to which they will be representatives and discussion on a topic of Global importance pertaining to Oil and Gas Industry were held.

Plan Red

UPES SEG organized PLAN RED - A case study competition where teams were given a time of 24 hours to provide ideas and solutions regarding the inhabitation of, and transportation to the red planet.

Venezuela Case Study

UPES SEG conducted Venezuela Case Study, an event for the freshers to enhance their abilities of case study and making a report on it! The topic for the case study is-“Economic and Political crisis prevailing in Venezuela.”

Non-Technical Events


3-on-3 Basketball

The UPES SEG student chapter organized a 3 on 3 basketball tournament on 20th November. The audience witnessed energetic gameplay with a number of nail-biting scenarios.


On the 12th of November, UPES SEG Student chapter hosted Silsila. The Talent Showcase event resembled a guided learning of a particular art and their dedication and nourishment in their pet distinct interests. A resemblance of work was exhibited by the array of perpetual talents. The enthusiasm was extended by the sequential flow of poetry, songs and proverbs with the audience kept differentially consumed by the ongoing games and the distinguished food.

Speak Up

On 16th September, UPES SEG Student Chapter under the aegis of Parichay presented ‘Speak-Up’- a debate competition. The Monumental Build up and the non-stop brainstorming session brought out the best orators in our college.


The UPES SEG Student Chapter hosted Columbus under the banner of Parichay on 13th September. Several students became bounty Hunters for their attempt to discover the impossible in the event. It attracted more than 100 participants.


Coders 2018

UPES SEG Student Chapter organized Coders 2018 with the aim of introducing programming to the world of Geologist and Geophysicsts. Battle against the best technical minds to solve a code before the clock ticks out . In order to be the champions, firstly you need to solve a code within two minutes without an error. The winners will face another elimination round before battling each other by solving a code below 100 seconds to claim the prize.

TV-Series Quiz

For every binge watcher in UPES, UPES SEG Student Chapter presented the TV- Series quiz. It is a team event with the maximum strength of team being two. In the first round, there will be a pen and paper quiz based on selected TV series


UPES SEG Student Chapter organized Confundus: A crossword puzzle event wherein participants were provided with a variety of puzzle options and they have to solve as many as they can in a stipulated time period.

Movie Mania

UPES SEG Student Chapter brings to you “MOVIE MANIA” a platform to display your fondness for movies from two of the biggest cinema producing industries: BOLLYWOOD and HOLLYWOOD!

Guest Lectures


Short Course by Dr. Sumit Verma

On 5th March, 2020, UPES SEG Student Chapter was elevated to have along with us Dr. Sumit Verma, University of Texas. Dr. Sumit Verma is a member of CUSP committee and held a short course at the University with collaboration with the Department of Petroleum and Earth Science on 5th March . The Topics covered under the session were :

  • Introduction to Volumetric Seismic Attributes
  • Case Study of the Paleo Sand Dunes of Wyoming
  • Estimation of TOC in Bernett Shale


Wavelet and Multi-Fractal Analysis

As commonly stated, learning helps in evolving and discovering. Following this, The UPES SEG Student Chapter scheduled a Guest lecture on "Wavelet and Multi-Fractal analysis of geophysical well log data" given by Dr E. Chandrashekar, Professor at Earth Science Department in IIT- Bombay. The guest lecture was scheduled on 1st October, Bidholi Campus, UPES.

Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing

UPES SEG Student Chapter also conducted a guest lecture on the topic- “Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing” given by Dr.Murali Mohan. T.R. Ex- GGM, ONGC. The lecture was scheduled on the 2nd of November. The lecture was very informative and useful for the students.

Preparation of GATE

UPES Student Chapter, SEGconducted an interaction session with GATE 2018’s Topper, Amit Kumar on 16th November 2018. Amit Kumar secured All India rank of 1 in Petroleum Engineering. He had completed his B-Tech in P.E from famous- Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad. The lecture was very informative and useful for the students. Students were provided with insight regarding his journey and the method and process he had undertaken to achieve the feat. He also shared a few tips for the preparation of GATE.


Guest Lecture on Seismic Attributes
Seismic Attributes

UPES SEG Student organised a lecture by Mr. Satinder Chopra, Chief Geophysicist at TGS Corporation in Calgary, Canada on the topic of Seismic Attributes and their Interpretation. The Lecture was delivered to the students of UPES on 21st November 2017.

Geo-Chemical Concepts and MOPE.

On 21st April 2017, UPES SEG Student Chapter hosted a guest lecture on Geochemical Concepts and Methods of Petroleum Exploration by Dr. V. Banerjie.

International Honorary Guest Lecture

On 17th March 2017, UPES SEG Student Chapter was elevated to host an Honorary Guest Lecture on "Passive Seismic Tomography, QC an application for PST derived- velocity for seismic imaging" presented by Dr. J.V.S.S Narayan Murty ,G&G Software Consultant to ONGC and GERMI.

Field Trips

Nahan Field Trip
Nahan Field Trip

UPES SEG SC organized a field trip to Nahan, Himachal Pradesh on 28th of April 2018 with the main goal of providing more of in field experience to students regarding structural geology. Joining us for this trip was Mr. Manoj Boruah, Deputy Superintendent Geologist at ONGC. We made our first stop at a point from where we could see mountains on both sides. The route from Doon to Nahan had a unique geology. He used the location to teach how to use maps and also gave a little insight about fault lines. Along the way he showed various geological structures and had interact session in the bus recapping basic concepts of Lower shivaliks, Upper shivaliks, etc.

We also made another stop at a point where he showed the Himalayan frontal thrust , a structure formed Upper Shivaliks characterized with gravels met with Lower Shivaliks characterized by large angular rocks. This point was called Markanda thrust. There was another interactive session there that not only rekindled the interest of many but also marked a new learning experience for a number of first year students who learned a lot. The session ended with this point and then we went to Nahan where students relaxed before returning.

Kharakhet Field trip
Geophysical Field Trip

On January 2017, UPES SEG Student Chapter hosted an geophysical Field trip to Kharakhet, Uttarakhand with Dr. Saurabh Mittal. An extensive three dimensional survey of the land was taken. The Electric Method was put to use and students were taught how to survey a region in both Schlumberger and Wenner Outline of Survey.

Geological Field Trip

On 15th October 2016, UPES SEG Student Chapter hosted an Geological Field Trip along the stretch of Mussoorie. The Field trip was preceded with an lecture on the geology of the region on 14th October.

SEG International Engagement

The UPES SEG Student Chapter has been a distinguished chapter and has been actively participating in International Events. We also hosted SAGSC in 2015.

SLS 2019

One always blooms to success only in a safe environment and that's what SEG UPES Student Chapter provided to our Vice President Mr. Vaibhav Mishra (APE-UPSTREAM, 4th YEAR) who has been awarded the SEG/Chevron Student Leadership Symposium travel grant to San Antonio, Texas, USA and a sponsored pass to SEG Annual Meeting.


A team led by Mr. Gaurav Malpani comprising of Ms. Shradha Sood, Mr. Daksh Bhandari , Mr. Parth Sharma, Mr. Divyank Sharma got selected for the Evolve under the guidance of Mr. Satyajit Chowdhury.

SLS 2017

UPES SEG Student Chapter was elevated to announce the selection of our Vice president Ms. Rimal Bhat for SLS travel grant to participate in SEG international Exposition and 87th Annual Meeting which was held at Texas.

SAGSC 2015

SAGSC 2015

SAGSC (South Asian Geosciences Students Conference) 2015 was an International Conference hosted by UPES-SEG student chapter. This conference provided a platform for students and professors to breathe in and exhale the aroma of knowledge, ideas and display their intellect in field of geosciences. This conference was held between 27th -30th July. The Following Events were held under the SAGSC :

  1. Paper Presentation
  2. Poster Presentation
  3. Workshops
  4. Challenge Bowl
  5. Mega Show
  6. Guest Lecture on "Satellite Image Analysis & Interpretation and Recent Trends in Hydrocarbon Industry"

Outreach Program

Outreach at DIS

The UPES SEG Student Chapter hosts a series of outreach to numerous school in the region. A few of them are as below:

Senior Secondary School , Upper Kandoli

On the 25th of January, the UPES SEG Student Chapter organised an Outreach in the Government Higher Secondary School. The primary reason for Outreach was to create transparency among students in connection with job related opportunities in the field of Geosciences, Geophysics and Oil & Gas. The one-hour interactive session proved to be a complete success and went off well with utter vigorous sustainability.

Outreach at DIS

Doon International School , Riverside Campus

In a bid to inspire the millennials into pursuing the field of Geophysics And Oil & Gas, UPES SEG Student Chapter hosted Inceptum at Doon International School( Riverside Campus) , Pondha. A brief introduction to the field and it's Application was explained. This was followed up with an interactive query session and concluded with a quiz.

KV, Birpur

Outreach at KV, Birpur

UPES SEG SC organized an interaction with the students at Kendriya Vidyalaya Birpur, Dehradun(U.K.) on 1st November 2018 with the aim of providing them with possible future opportunities after 10th Standard . A brief knowledge about Engineering and its different branches including the Earth Sciences were discussed. Insights of the SEG organization and the student Chapter were also provided. It was attended by more than 200 students.

CSR Events

A cleanliness Initiative : Cleanathon


UPES SEG Student Chapter held Cleanathon: a cleanliness drive from Bidholi Campus to Upper Kandoli on 28th of September. With the assistance of our enthusiastic volunteers, we hope to have reduced the incorrectly disposed garbage and have contributed towards the nation's Swachh Bharat mission.



On the occasion of 'Son's and Daughter's day' , UPES SEG student chapter in collaboration with 3d youth films group(@3dyouthfilmsgroup) hosted 'Udaan' , a women empowerment drive that hoped to cause an awareness regarding female education and menstrual health.

Donation Drive

UPES SEG Student Chapter conducted a donation drive for the victims of the devastating Kerela floods and collected items such as candles, undergarments, footwear, matchbox, napkin, bed sheet, toilet brush, Dettol, bleaching powder, mosquito net, repellent, ointment, washing soap, powder, bathing soap, towels, umbrellas, rain coat, face masks, etc.



In an effort to help students deal with the everyday issues they face and educate them about the benefits of a healthy mind in conjunction with a healthy body, UPES SEG organized an interactive discussion with Dr Veena Krishnan who highlight the problems faced by students such as insomnia, stress and under-productivity and provided remedial measures for curing them. The main goal of this event is to shed light on Mental Health. It is held annually by the Chapter.